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carnival in brazil


Here the samba beats louder, the colors shine brighter, and every street corner dances!

Carnival in Brazil

Get ready to samba because Carnival in Brazil for 2024 is all set to bring its infectious energy and vibrant colors from February 9th to February 14th!

Top 5 places to be during carnival season in brazil

1. Rio de Janeiro 2. Olinda 3. Belo Horizonte 4. São Paulo 5. Salvador de Bahia

Carnival fashion is all about fun, comfort, and a dash of flamboyance.  Think bright, bold, and beautiful. Whether it’s neon greens, radiant yellows, or deep blues, the rule is simple: the brighter, the better!

Safety during carnival in brazil

Safety at Carnival in Brazil is a significant concern, given the large crowds, festive atmosphere, and the sheer scale of the events. I am not saying that you should be afraid of going on the streets, but especially as a foreigner, ensuring personal safety is crucial to make your experience as fun and chill as possible.