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Welcome to Itacaré: A Tropical Paradise Blending Surf, Sand, and Culture

Nestled along the breathtaking coast of Bahia, Brazil, Itacaré is a hidden gem that epitomizes the very essence of a tropical paradise. Once a sleepy fishing village, this small town has become a top Brazilian destination that beckons adventurers, beach lovers, and cultural enthusiasts alike.

During the pandemic, it also became a hub for Digital Nomads looking for a retreat away from the cities, a movement that made Itacaré the “Brazilian Bali”. Among these nomads was me, the editor of this website, and I just fell in love with the town. After spending ten months there, I still call it my home in Bahia.

One of the reasons that make Itacaré so enchanting that so many people want to stay forever is its secluded, pristine beaches, each offering its unique charm and waves, of course. Praia da Tiririca, for instance, hosts international surf contests, while Resende and Prainha offer idyllic settings for those looking to relax or take a leisurely swim.

But Itacaré is more than just its natural beauty. The town throbs with a rich cultural heartbeat, characterized by lively music and a deeply rooted Afro-Brazilian heritage. As you stroll through its charming streets, Brazilian Popular Music and capoeira rhythms beckon, while the tantalizing aromas of traditional Bahian cuisine promise a culinary adventure.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the winding paths of Itacaré, uncovering the best spots for surf enthusiasts, the most tranquil beaches for sun worshippers, and the hidden corners where you can immerse yourself in local culture.

Itacaré in a Nutshell

Best Time to Visit: The optimal time to explore Itacaré is between May and August, when the weather is pleasantly warm, and the tourist crowds are thinner. This period also coincides with some local cultural festivals.

Where to Stay: Accommodations in Itacaré range from cozy beachfront pousadas to luxury eco-resorts. The Concha neighborhood is perfect for those who want quick beach access and a lively atmosphere, while Pituba is for those ready to party.

Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)

Language: Portuguese, with English widely spoken in tourist areas.

Getting There: Itacaré is accessible by air through the Ilhéus-Bahia Jorge Amado Airport, about 60 km away. You can take a bus or rent a car from the airport to reach Itacaré. For those adventurous at heart, road trips along the coast offer breathtaking views.

Getting Around: Itacaré is walkable; most urban beaches are within easy walking distance from the main street (Pituba). Bikes and scooters offer freedom to explore, but cars and/or taxis are best for longer day trips.

Public Transport is limited; local buses connect to nearby areas but check schedules in advance.

Safety: Itacaré is generally safe, but always exercise common travel caution.

Prices in Itacaré


  • Budget: $10 – $30/night
  • Mid-range: $30 – $70/night
  • Luxury: $70+/night


  • Street food/snacks: $1 – $4
  • Casual dining: $4 – $10 per person
  • Upscale restaurants: $10+ per person


  • Surfing lessons: $20 – $30/session
  • Guided hikes: $10 – $20/person
  • Kayak rentals: $6 – $12/hour

Top Things to Do in Itacaré

  • Itacaré's Lighthouse
  • View of Itacaré
  • Ribeira Beach in Itacaré
  • View of Itacaré
  • Tajuí Waterfall, in Itacaré
  • Itacarezinho Beach, in Itacaré
  • Praia da Tiririca: Famous among surfers for its consistent waves, this beach is not only perfect for catching waves but also for enjoying the lively beach atmosphere.
  • Prainha Beach: Accessible via a scenic hike through the Atlantic rainforest, Prainha is a secluded paradise ideal for those looking to escape the crowds and connect with nature.
  • Rua Pedro Longo (Pituba Street): The heart of Itacaré’s nightlife and dining scene, where visitors can sample local Bahian cuisine, shop for handicrafts, and enjoy live music.
  • Havaizinho Beach: A small, hidden gem surrounded by native rainforest, offering tranquil waters and a peaceful setting for relaxation.
  • Tijuipe Waterfall: Located just a short drive from Itacaré, this waterfall is nestled in the rainforest and offers a refreshing swim in its natural pool. Book your visit.
  • Itacarezinho Beach: Stretching over 1km, this beach boasts beautiful white sands and clear waters, with several beach bars and restaurants to enjoy local dishes with a view.
  • Engenhoca Beach: A favorite among locals and visitors alike for its beautiful landscape, Engenhoca also offers great surf spots and a laid-back vibe.
  • Capoeira Demonstrations: Experience the Afro-Brazilian martial arts that combine elements of dance, acrobatics, and music—a vital part of Bahian culture.
  • Sustainable Cacao Farm Tours: Learn about the region’s rich cacao heritage at a local farm, where you can see the production process from bean to bar and taste organic chocolate.
  • Rio de Contas Kayaking: Paddle along the serene Rio de Contas, enjoying the lush scenery and spotting local wildlife—an ideal activity for nature lovers.
  • Cultural Festivals: Participate in or witness local cultural events and festivals that showcase the rich traditions and vibrant community spirit of Itacaré.
  • Serra Grande Lookout: For breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and rainforest, a visit to this lookout point at sunset is a must.

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Best Hotels in Itacaré

Itacaré offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs and budget.

You will find a lot of hostels there, the party ones and the chill ones. They are cheap if you are traveling alone, but for couples or groups, pousadas are the best cost-benefit options.

These guesthouses range from basic to boutique, with many featuring beautiful designs that incorporate local materials and art.

Staying in a pousada allows guests to enjoy personalized service, often with breakfast included, and a chance to relax in serene settings, sometimes with stunning views of the ocean or the rainforest.

For those looking to indulge in more luxurious accommodations, Itacaré offers several high-end resorts and eco-lodges. These properties are designed with sustainability in mind, offering exquisite rooms and suites in breathtaking locations.

Amenities might include spa services, gourmet restaurants, private beaches, and a range of eco-friendly activities like guided nature hikes and wildlife watching.

Restaurant and Gastronomy

Itacaré’s gastronomy is a mix of Bahian cuisine and international flavors. Don’t miss the traditional acarajé and moqueca, and be sure to try the locally grown cacao in various forms.

Manga Rosa: Serves individual dishes prepared with fish and seafood with a regional touch. The atmosphere is very relaxed and beachy. One of my favorites in the city. (Rua Pedro Longo, 249)

Jiló Bar and Restaurant: One of the highest-rated restaurants in the city, it serves reinterpretations of local cuisine, such as the delicious fish or shrimp moqueca risotto. Be sure to also check out the drink menu. (Av. Antonio Athanásio dos Santos, 25)

Aqua: Operates in a small door and has an unusual decoration, reminiscent of an Asian restaurant. Aqua serves delicious international food at a good price. Go on Wednesdays for curry night. (Rua Pedro Longo, 147)

Tapiocaria da Sandra: The best tapioca in Itacaré, by far, with generous filling and friendly prices. (Rua Pedro Longo, 68)

Ola Bistrô: A good option for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Serves coffee, juices, sandwiches, bruschettas, yogurts, fruits, cakes, and other delights. The evening menu always changes. (Rua Pedro Longo, 256)

Hamburgueria Na Brasa: The best artisanal burgers in town. There are various flavors, but my favorite is the dried meat burger with plantain and local cheese.

Nuuuuh! Café: Serves good lunch menu options and functions as a coworking alternative: remote workers are welcome to bring their computers and have a cup of coffee. The desserts are unforgettable: try the chocolate fondant with parmesan ice cream or the delicious baked coconut.

Eco Beach: With stylish decor and good items on the menu, Eco Beach is my favorite beach hut at Concha. The last establishment on the sand strip, near Ponta do Xaréu, also has live music almost every day and serves good pizzas, cod cakes, and fish options for lunch. It stays open until 9 pm, also being a good option for dinner on the beach.

Mirante Lounge Bar: Located at Ponta do Xaréu, it’s a great option for those who just left the beach hungry or just to have drinks while watching the sunset.

Party and Nightlife in Itacaré

Itacaré is well-known for its nightlife! This small coastal town in Bahia, Brazil, transforms as the sun sets, revealing a lively scene that perfectly captures the spirit of Bahian joy and hospitality.

The epicenter of Itacaré’s nightlife is Rua Pedro Longo, also known as Pituba Street. This bustling street comes alive at night with its array of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Venues like Favela Coffee Shop not only offer cheap drinks and food but also host live music nights and live performances, showcasing the best of local talent.

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture, don’t miss the chance to experience a night of samba or forró, Brazil’s traditional dance and music genres. Many bars and clubs in Itacaré host special nights dedicated to these styles, offering both locals and visitors an opportunity to dance and enjoy the rhythms that are an integral part of Brazil’s cultural heritage.

Reflecting the laid-back and inclusive vibe of Itacaré, reggae music has a strong presence in the town’s nightlife. Spots like Jungle Bar offer a chill environment where reggae beats provide the perfect backdrop for a night of relaxation and socializing.

  • Bananas Hostel: Three times a week, the hostel’s spacious backyard transforms into a lively bar, with live music ranging from samba to open mic events. There are giveaways such as free drinks and flash tattoos. (R. Pedro Longo, 169)
  • Pé de Amêndoa: On Sundays, there is a samba from 4 pm to 9 pm that tends to be crowded and very lively. (Avenida Castro Alves, 100)
  • Squash Bar: Probably the early evening meeting point in Itacaré, it offers live music starting Wednesday. It usually gets crowded with people drinking while standing and dancing in the street. (Rua Pedro Longo)
  • Favela Coffee Shop: For those wanting to keep the night going, there aren’t many options other than heading to Favela, where the music plays until the early hours of the morning, right on the street. On Sundays, DJs make way for live music. (Rua Pedro Longo, 270)

Sustainable Travel and Community in Itacaré

Support Local Economy: Choose to spend your money at local businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and tour operators. Buying locally enhances your experience and contributes to the community’s economic well-being.

Conserve Water and Energy: Be conscious of your water and energy use. Simple actions like turning off lights and air conditioning when not in use and taking shorter showers can make a big difference.

Responsible Tourism: When enjoying Itacaré’s natural attractions, stay on marked paths to protect the local flora and fauna. Avoid disturbing wildlife and take only photos, leaving behind nothing but footprints.

Eco-Tours and Activities: Opt for eco-tours and activities that emphasize conservation and sustainability. Many local operators offer experiences that are both environmentally responsible and culturally enriching.

Work Exchange and Volunteer Opportunities in Itacaré

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